True Foods

If you’ve read many of my previous blog posts before (which you probably have), you’ll know that I love discovering foods that are both healthy, but still tasty. It’s a win win! Well, I ran into one of those discovery moments just the other day at the True Foods restaurant in the Stanford Shopping mall.

True Foods is a supposedly “trending” restaurant that serves many different types of delicious foods, just with a healthy twist. I saw sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps, grilled meats, and more. There’s something for everyone! As I took a look at the menu, I started noticed some of these “twists”. Say you were to order a sandwich. Instead of french fries, you could either get a kale salad or sweet potato cubes. Or if you got the burger, than the bun would be wheat based.

That night, I tried the Ancient Grains bowl because my mom had ordered it before and thought that it was really flavorful and filling. I got really excited when I saw it coming to the table because I knew, just from looking at it, that it was one of those healthy-tasty foods! At the bottom of the bowl, you’ll find, well, ancient grains. Now I’m not really a big brown rice or quinoa fan, but those two ingredients actually tasted really good with the rest of the bowl. On top of the “ancient grains”, there was pre-roasted yams drizzled in miso sesame sauce, grilled mushrooms, fresh avocados, sweet onions, tender chicken (doesn’t come with the bowl; order on the side) crunchy green beans, and a spectacular green sauce/dressing they brought everything to life. I was decently hungry that night, but wow, I was full after only half of the Ancient Grains bowl.

You all should definitely try True Foods someday. You’ll be amazed to taste what a healthy yet delicious food tastes like. Healthy, delicious, and true!

Pita Chips and Guacamole with Kale.
These Beverages Look Sweet, but True Foods Makes Everything Healthier!
Sophie’s Mouth Watering Pizza…
The Grand Ancient Grains Bowl!
Special “Noodle” Bowl Ordered by my Dad.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emeka says:

    Nate, we have a True Foods in Austin. Like you, we are fans of this trendy health conscious restaurant. – Team ATX


  2. That pizza looks delish! … Really enjoy reading your blog.


  3. Auntie Polly, aka The Snack Lady says:

    How much did True Foods pay you?! Just kidding! Great post Nate – makes me want to drive over right now.


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