Burritos For All

It’s always fun to apply your passion to a community service project…

If you didn’t know, a good 3-4 years ago several families including my own formed a community service group, A Greater We. We’ve been volunteering in a variety of service events. Last month, we participated in our own take of the Burrito Project. The goal of this event was to make a bunch of burritos and then pass them out to homeless people living in Oakland encampment sites.

When making the burritos at my house, we were on a roll. I was working in the tortilla station (heating them up). We had this really efficient system going where once a tortilla finished heating up on a pan, a new one was immediately thrown on (literally). Everyone else was in another room assembling the burritos (chicken, cheese, tomatoes, beans, sour cream, and salsa). With 5+ families there to help out, we wrapped 150+ burritos in no time! To be honest, it actually felt really good, because everyone was contributing something and it felt like a team effort.

Step number two in the Burrito Project was to actually pass out the burritos. So, 45 minutes later, we were at the encampment sites. In addition to the many burritos, we had also brought basic necessities such as jackets, socks, cookies, hand wipes, and more. I was tasked with handing out the homemade cookies and burritos. Walking in through the gates, I saw many people without true shelter and comfort. I immediately felt a pang of sadness. That’s why when I started to hand out the food, it felt really meaningful to me. People were very grateful for just the small things. When I saw how much they appreciated what we were doing, it was a really touching moment. Many people said things like “The burritos were so good!” and “Thank you so much! God bless you!” with smiles on their faces. It made me really happy to know that I had helped in the process of making the burritos, the very thing that had brightened up many peoples’ days. As I just wrote, everyone was really grateful for what we were doing, but honestly, I was just as grateful. I mean, how often do you get to pass out food and necessities to homeless people, one of the best acts of kindness I can think of.

Thank you to A Greater We for participating in this event! It was a really good experience and fun at the same time. If you want more information about the Burrito Project, or how to help the community, I’d love to share some sources with you. Maybe you’ll try the Burrito Project on your own and make burritos for all.


Members of A Greater We rapidly making those burritos!
My sister Sophie and her friend Caroline bagging the cookies. Even from here, they look pretty good!

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  1. Da buo buo says:

    You’re a kind, generous person, Nate.


  2. Auntie Polly says:

    Awesome post Nate! Feel free to share it with our Greater We group. Love reading about how you felt – you’re a really kind-hearted person!


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