We Don’t Need To Go To The Market!

Fruit is a great snack, I think we can all say that. But like all other foods, you usually have to drive to Safeway, Whole Foods, or the farmers market to buy them. Well, ever since my family and I moved in to our house, we haven’t really taken notice of our orange tree in the backyard. Just last year, my dad finally started to pick some of the oranges, curious to see if they were “any good”. It turns out that our orange tree actually grows some tasty fruit!

The oranges may not be the sweetest, but they have a strong “fruity” taste, which makes up for the lack of sugar. That’s a good thing, because sugar is bad for you (yes, even sometimes in fruit). Last year, my dad only picked twelve oranges. Those disappeared quite fast. Just last weekend, perhaps it was just good luck, but my uncle, sister, cousin, and dad filled up an entire wagon (and there were still a decent amount more on the tree)! The total sum was around 40-50 oranges. Boy was I excited! I love all fruits, but oranges are definitely up in the top three. And the fact that they grow in my backyard makes it even better!

The first thing we did was craft orange juice. My uncle brought over his legendary juicer and in no time everyone was enjoying a fresh glass of orange juice. Juice definitely tastes better when you make it, and when the oranges come from your own tree! Anyways, I’m curious to know if you all have any fruit trees in your backyard. Comment down below if you do. I’m sure they’re as useful to you as they are to me! I mean, our orange tree provides yearly fruit, and we don’t need to go to the market!

Note: In the photo to the left, my sister and younger cousin Luke are standing by their work!

I wasn’t wrong! A whole wagon of oranges!

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  1. Diane Ciesinski says:

    Great job Nate! We used to have a nice lemon tree…now all we have are GRAPES!


  2. Jill says:

    We don’t have a fruit tree, but we do have a prolific vegetable garden in the summer. Growing up I had a Firestone Peach Tree that was amazing! I still remember the juice dripping down my chin and arm. A few years ago for some reason I had tons of oranges (I think a friend gave me some from a shipment she ordered from Florida – a school fundraiser). I juiced the oranges and candied the peels. The canned peel was a fun process of boiling the bitterness out.


  3. Eric says:

    Lemon and lime tree coming. Thank you Luke and EE for helping dig the hole


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