Japanese Tonkatsu, or chicken/pork cutlet, is something that you must try. Whenever my mom makes it for dinner, I go crazy! It’s like fried chicken, but so much more delicious.

Every now and then my mom will make us chicken or pork Tonkatsu. It’s a real treat, but whenever I’m chowing down on those tender, crunchy pieces of chicken, I’ve always got the impression that it’s not the healthiest food for you. If you think about it, Tonkatsu is basically chicken, but lathered and fried in oil. I mean, a lot of tasty foods include some sort of “fried” substance, and that means that they’re most likely bad for you. You all know me… I’m a fan of healthy, but tasty meals. I love Tonkatsu, but the problem is that it’s a little unhealthy. Well, our solution came just three days ago when we tried a baked (instead of fried) Tonkatsu recipe from our friend Aunty Sue. Aunty Sue’s healthy take on chicken Tonkatsu was absolutely amazing! It didn’t taste the slightest bit different from the fried version. The crunchy texture was still there, and I felt like the meat was significantly more tender as well. Served with that tastebud tantalizing Tonkatsu sauce (bull dog, tonkatsu, etc), the pork cutlet was beyond something that I can describe. It was simply mouth-watering!

Like I wrote in the beginning, you have to try this recipe. You’ll be eating one of the most inviting dinners one could have. Of course, I want to give a shoutout to Aunty Sue for giving us that amazing recipe. Your idea fueled this post. Thanks for the Tonkat-Sue!


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  1. Diane Ciesinski says:

    Looks great!!! Will have to try it 🙂


  2. Eric says:

    Can’t believe aunty she’s chicken beat out the broccoli Tater tots!


  3. sue says:

    Thanks Nate… being mentioned on your blog is my 15 minutes of fame.


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