Coding the Candy!

Who doesn’t like to get all of their candy organized after Halloween? It’s been nearly a week since the classic trick or treat holiday, but I still haven’t shared my Halloween themed Python coding project: a candy sorter.

Most Halloween evenings, my sister and I pour all of our candy onto a table a sort them into nice little rows. It’s a satisfying, yet lengthy tradition. Fast forward to the present and you’ve got me thinking about ways to make this process more efficient. I soon latched onto this idea of storing the information digitally. After a quick brain storming session and  a half-hour or so of coding, I had completed my candy sorter.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory. Just enter in a piece of candy, hit enter, hit 1 (if you want to continue) or 2 (if you want to see the results), hit enter, and repeat. Hopefully it simulates the typical real life candy sorting process. To be honest, never did I think that a unique post like this one would become a part of my blog, but looking back, it’s neat that I did it. I coded the candy!


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