A Holiday Classic: The Candy Cane

Is it just me, or do I always seem to stumble upon candy canes, wherever I go…

An iconic holiday treat, candy canes have quickly turned into one of my favorite winter treats (though not the healthiest). Their long lasting texture and frosty peppermint flavor make them unreasonably hard to resist. My teacher had a basketful of them and I couldn’t help but grab a whole handful for later. Candy canes are neat in the sense that they can crack up in your mouth when you bite it, like Pop Rocks, but it still acts like a breath mint if you decide to consume them that way. Whether you encounter these           J-shaped treats as often as I do or not, I still thought that it would be interesting to share some cool interesting about this famous candy:

  1. Candy canes originally started as plain sugar sticks, and later producers added the peppermint/wintergreen flavors that we know so well today.
  2. They were given to kids at church to silence them during the long Christmas services.
  3. Candy canes are closely associated to Christianity: The J shape represents the crook of the shepherds who were the first to see Jesus on Christmas. The J also represent Jesus himself. The mint flavor is a nod to the hyssop plant that was used to purify in the Bible. The three red stripes that you often see symbolize the Holy Trinity. The red coloring acts as the blood of Jesus and the white is his purity. As you can see, everything plays a role!
  4. A Catholic priest named Gregory Harding Keller invented the “Keller-Machine” which made it a lot easier to turn the originally straight candy canes into curved ones.
  5. Over one billion candy canes are produced in the United States each winter.
  6. Despite being decently sugary, candy canes contain no fat, trans fat, or cholesterol.
  7. Oddly, the national candy cane day lies on December 26th.
  8. Only 24% of kids eat their candy canes by biting into them, rather than sucking on them.

With that, I wish everyone a big happy holidays and I will see you in the New Year!

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  1. Merry Christmas NATE, I’ve loved reading another year of your blog. Your writing is elevated every year!


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