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Are you an adventurous eater? Do you love indulging yourself on snacks? Are you constantly looking for new foods to try? If so, then Snackcrate is 100% for you.

Over the holiday season, I had many great experiences (honorable mentions: Han-Su Korean BBQ, Ghirardelli Square in SF, and Superhot Chinese hot pot), but when it came to the pure “awesomeness” of these moments, I had to write about Snackcrate. The title says it all! Snackcrate is a subscription service that sends you a monthly box of snacks from different places around the world. Almost everything in the box will be something that you’ve never seen before. The company gathers information from locals/other sources about the famous snack options in their country/region, so you can really receive that authentic experience. Snackcrate offers different subscription plans, so you can adjust the volume of the box to your liking. There’s even a drink upgrade that you can tack on to your box if you’re a thirsty person. Your crate’s contents are all shipped free directly from the region it’s made from which really adds to the value of the subscription.

I want to give a big shoutout to my Aunty Shelli for getting me the Snackcrate subscription for Christmas (it’s definitely one of my most unforgettable, favorite gifts). I was shipped my first box, from Poland, two weeks ago and I’ve already tried a lot of the items. One of the big appeals of Snackcrate for me, was the surprise factor. You don’t know which part of the world your products are from; only that whatever’s in the box is what people love best. In the photo above, you’ll see the Original Snackcrate (middle plan), which contains 10-12 different items. I immensely enjoyed the bacon-flavored pretzel sticks, the 50/50 chocolate bar, the sour gummy strips, and the cheese-onion puffs. I had never seen any of those before, but for a foodie like me, that’s perfect! Snackcrate also offers individual snack purchases for relatively decent prices, in case you really enjoyed a certain item. To sum it all up, I think that Snackcrate is just an amazing, efficient way to get a little taste (no-pun intended) of the snacking culture around the world. Your first box will surely leave you hungry for more. Subscribe!

This popular nutty chocolate bar is a favorite back in Poland!
I love these sesame “crackers” because they’re not too sweet!
Poland has “fruity-snacks” as well!
Rice crackers with chocolate on top = mouth watering!
100 year old gingerbread cookie recipe still staying popular!

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  1. Amanda Aspey says:

    Great post about SnackCrate! I just wrote one myself! Check it out! 😀


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