Butter with no Dairy?

Generally, I’m not really a butter person. Ever since I became attracted to avocado toast, butter hasn’t gotten a second glance in the refrigerator. Even when I was younger, the classic dairy product was still inferior to other garnishes like cream cheese or jam. However, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by my mom’s newest revelation: vegan butter is actually a thing.

To be honest, I wasn’t really surprised that such a thing existed. I mean, ever since my dad’s become a vegan, he’s always on this perpetual quest to find replacements for animal products. Not too long later, my mom picked up the search as well, so now I’ll often be finding some new, eccentric food in the kitchen when I get home. But butter? Really? I try to drink at least two glasses of milk each day, so that dairy flavor/feeling is practically drilled into my taste buds. I was sure that when I tried the butter, it wouldn’t be anything like the normal version. It turns out, I was wrong…

As we often do with new products, my mom did a taste test with me. She put normal salted butter and vegan butter separately on two small pieces of toast. Then, without knowing which was which, I tasted the two butters. Quite surprisingly, they tasted so much more similar than I’d imagined. The normal butter was maybe a little richer, but I was genuinely stunned! Apparently, the vegan butter, titled Miyoko’s, is made with a coconut oil base. Even now as I’m writing this, I still can’t believe how a product that tastes almost exactly like normal butter can be made using zero-animal products. It’s like magic!

To end this post off, I’ve gotta say that it’s really impressive how far the food world has come. I’m just so amazed by all the creative food products and ideas out there. It’s just real neat that people who turn down animal products can now enjoy one of the simplest breakfast items without worrying about their diet/beliefs. So you ask: Butter with no dairy? You bet!

Kerrygoló, the salted butter we normally use for breakfast. If you’re not a vegan, I highly recommend this brand for its soft, smooth texture. Delicious!
But if you’re vegan, this stuff is for you, seriously. It won’t fail you…


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  1. n8chen says:

    Coconut not good for you though.


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