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I thought that a recipe post would be really interesting, so after reading this, you will know how to make a acai bowl. An acai bowl is a smoothie topped off with granola and fresh fruits. It serves 4-6.

For this recipe, you will need:

A blender/smoothie maker

Two frozen Acai berry packets (We love the Sambazon Acai packets)

Your favorite brand of granola (we love Nature’s Path Hemp Plus granola)

Two bananas, blueberries, and strawberries

Toasted coconut flakes

One cup Coconut water

One spoonful greek yogurt

One cup of ice

How to make it : Pour granola on the bottom of 4-6 bowls.Put the Acai packets in the blender (you have to cut them open first!). Then, put the all the coconut water in the blender. Then, put all the ice and all the greek yogurt in the blender. After that, put one banana in the blender (don’t forget to peel!). Turn the blender on and wait for all the mixed ingredients to become a purple looking smoothie. Pour out all the smoothie into 4-6 bowls . An equal amount in each bowl (be fair!). To top it off, toast some coconut flakes, chop the remaining banana into tiny pieces (again, don’t forget to peel!), and wash the blue berries and strawberries (for the strawberries slice off the green part). Finally, throw all the ingredients in the previous sentence on top and pour some granola on top too (remember to arrange the ingredients nicely!). Note: Please follow the directions carefully or you might not get good results. 

I hope you enjoy making one of our family favorites, it is really good!

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  1. CC says:

    Cool! I’m going to send this to Aunty Sheshi
    Where did you get this recipe?


    1. n8chen says:

      From the Hyatt hotel in Los Angles.


    2. n8chen says:

      Have you made it yet?


  2. Eric says:

    Very clear directions. Next time I’ll use these instructions to try to make Baba’s “special” Acai bowl!


  3. Aunty Polly says:

    Hi Nate. I actually asked your mom for this recipe but she’s been too busy (hope she’s not reading this. haha) so this is perfect. I’m always looking for healthy snacks to feed Emily and Cooper after school. I think they’re going to like this one!


    1. n8chen says:

      Happy to help you out!!!


  4. Auntie Grace says:

    Hi Nate, I’m just checking out your blog for the first time, I love it! Don’t know if you’ll see these comments to your older posts, but here goes. I got this recipe from your mom and I had such a hard time with the acai packets. Even though I was using a vitamix, because they are frozen wide and flat, they would get jammed and never reach the blade. Any tips?


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