Two Problems Solved at Once!

After a long day of boogie boarding at the beach, it’s pretty bad if you have five, leftover, useless bags of breads and buns from your BBQ. Another problem at home is that my mom always runs out of croutons for my school salad. She looked at both of these challenges and instantly thought, “bingo!” She wanted to use the leftover bread to make croutons! This idea was inspired by my Aunty Lena. “Amazing,” I thought as I ate lunch. I think that homemade anything tastes a whole lot better. Normally, my mom buys garlic croutons to put on top of my salad and I love the taste. I asked if she could make our croutons garlic flavored, so she put some garlic powder on top. The full recipe is garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil put on top of bread. After flavoring the croutons, my mom bakes them for about ten minutes and shazam! We made croutons!

After tasting one, my mouth exploded with delightful flavors. I knew better than to ask for more because they were already way too addictive! Finally a question: what leftover foods can you use to turn into something delicious? I don’t know if you have ever made croutons, but I think my family and I have the best!

Featured imageFeatured image

Teaser for my next post: There are a lot of food games to play. What food do you think is good for a challenge?

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  1. Cathy says:

    Nate, I so love getting these posts! Keep ’em coming! Say to Sophie and your parents! And thanks for the tip about homemade croutons!


    1. n8chen says:

      Tr to make them at home, they’re real easy and simple


  2. Aunty Trace says:

    That salad looks delicious! Can your mom make my lunches? (^_*) You can also make an Italian or Greek panzanella salad with those croutons. Yum!
    Hmm, what’s a good leftover idea…oatmeal! When I have a little soup leftover from hotpot, miso soup, or other broth-based soup but not enough for a meal, I mix oatmeal in for Uncle Darin’s breakfast. Sounds weird but it’s actually very tasty. Try it sometime, it’s like jook/congee. Keep writing and trying new foods!


    1. n8chen says:

      Really, I never thought that would taste good. I would have to try it someday.


  3. Aunty Lena says:

    I’m glad you liked the homemade croutons, Nate. I also use leftover breads to thicken soups and we freeze most of our leftover fruit and veggies for smoothies.


  4. Uncle Ra says:

    Nate, I tasted those croutons (had about 10…I couldn’t stop eating them) and they were quite tasty. Please don’t eat all of them and save some for me. That salad looks good.


    1. n8chen says:

      Sorry, but I think there isn’t much left. Come quick!


  5. Jack says:

    Hi Nate, those look good! #imhungry #helpfeedme


  6. Aunty Jen says:

    Nate-your mom is making me look bad. I’ve never once packed a salad for Max, even though it’s my favorite meal and when he does eat salad, he really likes it. You’ve inspired me. And I love the homemade crouton idea. What kind of dressing do you like on your salad?


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