Brown Rice: Tastes Bad, is Bad (my opinion)

A lot of people eat brown rice because of the low carbs it contains, but there might just be a big flaw in this particular strategy. Why? Because brown rice contains the most arsenic compared to any rice. What’s arsenic? Just a toxic and lethal material used in some foods! Brown rice also contains 80 percent more arsenic than in white rice.

If some brown rice has very little arsenic that’s ok, but a lot, well that’s very very bad for you! There is a very specific brand of brown rice a lot of people enjoy called Martin Long Grain Brown rice that has a huge amount of arsenic inside, so watch out, it’s going to be at most grocery stores! Fun fact: Arsenic is the outer layer of the brown rice which is removed to make white rice! Also, you can remove a lot of arsenic from your brown rice by cooking it like pasta. Secretly, I am hoping that my family and I can stop eating brown rice because I love white rice!

Right now, we are eating Jasmine rice because my grandmother recommended it for us instead of white rice. Why, well first, jasmine rice is made up of long grain which means that the rice has less carbs. Secondly, jasmine rice tastes as good or if not better than white rice! Although jasmine rice isn’t the best rice for you, it might be a good recommendation for if you switch back to another type of rice! A final simple question: What’s your type of rice?

Links:Arsenic amounts in rice

7 Comments Add yours

  1. DaBuoBuo says:

    My fav is Basmati rice, yum!


    1. n8chen says:

      I like that rice too!


  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks, Nate, for your informative article. I had no idea that brown rice had arsenic in it! I’m staying away from it now!!!


    1. n8chen says:

      It’s a good excuse to switch back to white rice!


  3. Sof Astatke says:

    Coconut Rice is my favorite, not sure its a type of rice though. I think its just white rice soaked in coconut milk…


    1. n8chen says:

      Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it, though I’m not sure it’s made from getting soaked in coconut milk!


  4. n8chen says:

    The jasmine rice we are eating right now sure is tasty! Should we stick with it or do more research on the brown rice? You probably know mom’s answer. 🙂


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