Lunch Master

Does your school have Lunch Master?  My school, Keys, does, and I have heard many different perspectives of Lunch Master. Also, are you wondering what Lunch Master is?  It is a lunch providing service that delivers food and snacks everyday to schools. Though I haven’t eaten one single bite of Lunch Master this year, I have heard there are many yummy and yucky dishes. For example, my friend Andrew loves the tomato and chicken pizza, but my other friend Mathew greatly dislikes the Bi Bim Bap, a Korean fried rice. Here are a few interesting facts I know about Lunch Master:

  1. The soy sauce for the sushi is artificial.
  2. Lunch Master always has a tons of extra snacks, fruits, and vegetables to devour, if you are not full.
  3. Lunch Master has some real yummy fruits, including watermelon and strawberries.
  4. Half the Lunch Master meals are cold and the other half are hot.
  5. The pizza is served on a cardboard plate.
  6. Lunch Master has around 30 different meals to choose from.
  7. You can’t choose the snacks, so Lunch Master picks for you.
  8. Lunch Master has only a couple of salads out of approximately 30 meals.
  9.  Lunches come in a card board crate.
  10. Lunch Master lets you pick your own drink (chocolate milk, water, etc).

If I were to rate Lunch Master out of 10, it would be 9 because the the majority  of the meals look really delicious. Everyone has different opinions, so based on this blog post, what rating would you give Lunch Master? It does have some wacky and unique meals, so if you are looking for a daring lunch experience, order Lunch Master!


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  1. Eric says:

    How do they make artificial soy sauce? That bacon burger with cheese sandwich has got to be the most popular dish.


    1. n8chen says:

      The bacon sandwich is a very popular, but it only comes up in the menu twice a week!


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