Ice Monster (Really Is!)


Just think of the words ‘Ice Monster’ while closing your eyes. What images come to mind? Maybe a giant brick of ice carved into a statue of a monster? Who knows? If you looked at my last post, the hint is at the bottom. What is the place I visited known for? Very hot weather! Hmm, the pieces are probably clicking into place. Ice…..Hot Weather…..Taiwan……Food…..Shave Ice! It is a perfect option when the sweat is literally giving you a bath.

You know those shave ice stores where the sugar is all in the syrup? The ice at Ice Monster has fruit built into it so there is no need for artificial syrup or sugar! Isn’t it amazing how something healthier can taste better as well?

Ice Monster isn’t super duper expensive, and for the size of the ice, I think it is definitely worth it. From my experience, when we got there, is wasn’t packed, so our ice came within 2-3 minutes. The people making the ice looked like they knew their stuff, because every dish came out almost identical to the one before it.

As for the actual food, the ice was probably 10-12 inches tall and had a width ranging from 5-8 inches. Amazing! If you look at the pictures, it is actually A LOT, so I advise if you ever do get Ice Monster, share it because that will allow you to avoid a bunch of brain freezes.

Similar to Waiola Shave Ice in Hawaii, Ice Monster serves delicious toppings. On our Mango Sensation (first picture below), there was mango ice cream, mango slices, milk pudding (YOU HAVE TO TRY IT), and condensed milk. Since the place ran out of fresh mangos, we substituted the fruit with strawberries which surprisingly goes well! My favorite part was how the shave ice completely cooled me off. I was even a bit cold after leaving the air conditioned room. The funny thing is, I actually started to appreciate Taiwan’s hot weather because it warmed me up after the refreshing meal.

Honestly, I think “Monster” is really the best word to describe this wonderful location. The portions are big, the taste is great, and best of all, you’ll feel like a monster!

Because I also want to share my non-food related experience in Taiwan, I have included two pictures of animals we saw at the Taipei Zoo. It is the perfect family activity to do when in Taiwan. You’ll see EVERYTHING! IMG_9196IMG_9142IMG_9146IMG_9141IMG_9138IMG_9195IMG_9193

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Topher says:

    Cool Nate! I want to eat that everyday, 24/7!!!


    1. n8chen says:

      I know, me too.


  2. Nate, why is your Mom wearing a ski jacket in Taiwan – that may be the first winter coat to be seen in that country? I can’t believe they still are out of mangoes, that’s what they told us in December! Something shady going on over there. You know what else I think is shady? That I haven’t won your gift card 2 months in a row. And your “aunties” and “uncles” keep winning. I’m just sayin’.


    1. n8chen says:

      UHHHH…….. First of all, I call u uncle ed, so if you did win, you wouldn’t be saying that comment in the first place. I barely even know some of the people on here. E.g Lucia Fodor (HUH?)


      1. You are such a big blogger, you don’t even know who’s reading it?! If your Dad offers you money for a percentage of your blog, do NOT say yes. Consult UNCLE Ed first. I will give you a better deal.


  3. Cyncin says:

    Hi Nate, your MIA auntie Cindy here. Alex and Brandon love the Taipei Zoo too. Isn’t it awesome. And can you believe we still haven’t tried out Ice Monster after our many trips out there. We plan on eating there every day when we go back this summer. And I have to echo Ollie’s sentiment (I know I can’t believe it either) about your mom in the ski jacket – I’m pretty sure it’s fairly warm out there in April, no?


    1. n8chen says:

      Well, it was actually pouring the first 3 1/2 days, so I guess that known heat wasn’t there for that portion of the trip. But on the last day, we really experienced the Taiwanese heat at the zoo. Boy, was I SWEATING.


  4. DaBuoBuo says:

    Taiwanese shaved ice is the best!


    1. n8chen says:

      Have you been there? Keoni and Bodhi would LOVE IT!


  5. Mehul says:

    Very cool (no pun intended!) post, Nate! I love your description both of the shaved ice as well as the relief you felt from the outside heat which in term makes you appreciate the heat afterwards. Reminded me of similar experience I had while traveling to India. I must admit that it wasnt made from the fresh fruits there and so I’m really curious about trying the Ice Monster while I’m in Taiwan next. Great posts, keep ’em coming!


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