Spicy Sweet


Before I start, I want to thank all of you for commenting on my last post. I really appreciate the feedback. Next time I do a post like that, I’ll try to make it harder, because it sounds like it was a bit too easy.


When you think of honey, specifically the taste, the first thing that comes to mind is that extreme sweetness. Have you ever dreamt of a honey that’s both spicy and sweet? Try Mike’s Hot Honey, a pleasure for both the spicy and sweet lovers.

One day ago, my dad told me that he had ordered/bought this mysteriously “hot” honey. I was confused at first, but after trying a little, I understood the taste. It was really weird. I guess I could say that the honey tasted and smelled like any regular honey, but with a tingling feeling as well. I couldn’t actually taste the chillies, it was more like I was “feeling” it. I didn’t know what to say at first. I soon realized that this was something I could really enjoy for a long time. After all, I’m the type of guy who likes a easy-medium level of spiciness, which wass exactly what I tasted.

My dad told me that Mike’s Hot Honey was mostly for tea, but I could very well see this item going on many other foods. For example, a bland greek yogurt could really use something like this. Overall, I really like this new food. It’s what I would call “interesting”, which is good. In addition, I feel like it is a unique and tasty food that’s most importantly, spicy sweet.


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  1. This is the strangest combination I’ve heard, but these days, people will do anything to sell a bottle of concoction. Next, they’ll be selling spicy ice cream – some things just don’t seem to go together.


  2. Mike’s Hot Honey says:

    Great post. We recommend trying on our favorite food, pizza!
    – the Mike’s Hot Honey crew


  3. Jill Abrahamsen says:

    We have this in our pantry too! Love it! We use it on homemade (not from a tube and baked but really homemade) buttermilk biscuits when we have vegetable soup. My favorite is a salty honey that I picked up at the Cabot Cheese Shop in Portland Maine. It’s so good. We ran out so I don’t know the brand.


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