An Original Dish


There are a lot of dishes that bread crumbs can go on, but when it comes to choosing, pork chops blow me away. As I always say, yesterday, my mom cooked a delicious breaded pork chop dinner. I really love this dish because it’s simple yet flavorful and tasty.

It had a perfect ratio and balance of bread crumbs to meat. My mom also added parmesan cheese to spice it up. Pork chops may not be that fancy, but with the right amount of tenderness and heat, it can shoot to the top of the list. When I put pork chops into my mouth, I taste a crunchy coating, a hint of cheese, and juicy, flavorful meat. It’s a very easy dish to make, so you can try different variations or even have it multiple nights in a row! When it comes right out of the oven, that’s when pork chops are at its peak. Last night, I ate my food literally 20 seconds after it was finished cooking. Trust me, when you experience that, you’ll love it x3 times more!

Overall, pork chops is a splendid dish because it satisfies all stomachs and mouths. It can also go with a lot of other foods like steamed vegetables, rice, ketchup, etc. I highly encourage you all to try making this because it’s an original dish that can be eaten over and over again.

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  1. Eric says:

    Can’t believe I missed porkchop night! What veggies did mama pair with the breaded pork chops.


  2. Jill Abrahamsen says:

    Those do look good! I rarely prepare pork chops for my four “cherubs,” but I will give it a try next week. Does your mom use panko breadcrumbs? Skillet or oven baked?

    In a previous post, you asked for feedback, and I am wondering if you like bubble tea? My kids love-love-love bubble tea, but it’s hard to find in Maine. I’ll be looking at colleges in California this summer with my daughter, and we would love to scout out bubble tea shops as well. (The campus with the best bubble tea might be the deciding factor.) She loves Tpumps in SoCal, which is always a favorite stop while she’s commuting to and from sleep away camp on Catalina Island. We’ll also be looking for authentic Mexican food. We love Taco’s Jalisco in Lake Tahoe (NorthStar) but won’t be that far over from the coast.

    Please let me know if you visit Boston/Maine. We have the best lobster rolls, and I can explain the different styles (butter vs. mayo). Boston has a new, impressive market of locally sourced food, and in northern Maine (where we have a lakehouse) folks hunt for bear and moose to eat. I’m not gastronomically there, but the locals swear by it.

    Keep on writing. It’s fun to read.


  3. Tom Cole says:

    Nate, have you tried panko breaded pork chops? Extra crunchy and yummy!


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