The Best Holiday Themed Food Ever


There’s nothing better than a tasty, delicious corned beef dinner on Saint Patrick’s Day. As a classic holiday dish, I bet most of you have tried this exquisite meal, but if you haven’t, it’ll be a must-eat for you!

This food has it all. Buttery cabbage, boiled carrots, soft potatoes, tender corned beef, steamed rice, and dijon mustard all come together to form a dinner no one can turn away. This classic Saint Patrick’s Day item is like a machine. All the components contribute something for the overall magnificent product. Let’s start with the main item, corned beef. Even you don’t know what this meat is, by looking in that steaming crock pot, I’m sure your stomach will already be growling. A unique attribute is that the beef turns into a string based meat. You can either pluck the little strands off, one by one, or devour the whole thing in a giant gulp. The mustard is the glue. It can go on any of the items and it When you put a bite in your mouth, your brain will go “Yep, this is the type of food I can have over and over again!”

If you are wondering how to make this magnificent dish, it’s fairly simple. One great place to buy the corned beef is at whole foods.  Not only is it already marinated, but it doesn’t include nitrates, and it’s on sale! Drop that into a crock pot with water for 8 hours, and boom, you’re done. In addition, add potatoes and carrots sometime during that period of time.

My mouth literally jumps when I see this food because it has everything a “foodie” likes. I mean, you can’t turn down the best holiday themed food ever.

Note: In the picture, there isn’t rice because I didn’t want to eat too much. Trust me, when you see the rice, I’ll have a feeling some of you will want to make corned beef right now.

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  1. Da Buo Buo says:

    I think I’ll try making this. I always get so hungry after reading your posts!


  2. Eric says:

    Why is this dish associated with St. Patrick’s day?


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